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Our Products

High-efficiency software design from the United State

Solid Edge is a portfolio of affordable, easy to use software tools that addresses all aspects of the product, Development process – 3D design, Simulation, Manufacturing, Data management and more. Solid Edge combines the speed and simplicity of direct modeling with the flexibility and control of paramedic design – made possible with Synchronous technology.

  • Accelerated design High-performance support for complex designs

  • Faster to revisions Faster operating for revision of files

  • Better to re-use Flexible to use with many format of files


Solid Edge 3D CAD


Teamcenter Rapid Start


Solid Edge CAM Pro


Robotics Simulation


Solid Edge Simulation


Tecnomatix Plant Simulation

The best of technology

and the secret of Solid Edge

Synchronous Technology

Combining the speed and simplicity of direct modeling the flexibility and control of parametric design

Better Transition 2D or 3D

isn’t it better that your software can do both 2D and 3D at the same time and allows you to freely edit 2D and 3D files without software errors?

Advanced Sheet Metal Design

Complete sheet metal design with support for the entire design-through

Complete 3D Printing

Able to specify your object, structure, material and price to prepare for 3D printing. Designers can also edit and adjust STL and 3MF files to enable easy 3D printing.

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