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Solid Edge CAM Pro

Solid Edge manufacturing solutions help manufacturers to define and execute a wide range of traditional and new manufacturing processes including CNC machining, nesting, cutting, bending, molding, welding, assembling, and additive manufacturing. These software solutions work directly on your Solid Edge part, sheet metal and assembly models ensuring accurate and efficient manufacturing processes, and the manufacturing instructions created using these solutions can be easily updated to reflect any changes in the underlying design.

  • Drilling – addresses drilling, reaming, boring, tapping, peck drilling, and custom cycles. Automated hole making is available with the feature based machining options.

  • 2 1/2- Axis milling – 2 1/2-Axis roughing patterns can be applied based on basic boundary data or solid geometry. Zig-zag, offset, and plunge milling are examples of the toolpaths provided. High-speed roughing toolpaths such as trochoidal are available here. Feature based machining functions automate the identification and programming of slots and faces.​​

  • Turning – a complete solution that is easy enough to use on simple programs and capable enough to tackle your toughest geometry in multi-spindle, multi-turret applications. The system can work with solids or wireframe or even 2D profiles.

  • 3-Axis milling – for roughing, rest milling, semi-finishing, and finishing of contoured surfaces, with a complete set of milling strategies to address the challenges of complex geometry

This capability includes additional functions needed for

high-speed machining.

  • Wire EDM – a complete solution for programming 2 4-Axis wire EDM machines. A range of wire operations is available, including multi-pass profiling, wire reversing and area removal.

  • Synchronization – a graphical means of displaying an unlimited number of channels, with

scrolling code in a choice of formats, time displays and with functions to add wait and sync codes.The Synchronization Manager is directly linked to the internal postprocessor and runs

from posted output for the greatest accuracy.

  • Machining simulation – to avoid tying up a machine in unproductive prove-outs, the integrated machine tool simulation provides a more complete simulation than most systems with its machine code driven motion.

  • 5-Axis milling – CAM Express offers highly flexible 5-Axis programming functions combining

highly automated elements for tedious tasks such as geometry selection and detailed user control for precise machining.

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