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Teamcenter Rapid Start

The Teamcenter® software Rapid Start configuration delivers the world’s most widely implemented product data management (PDM) solution, Teamcenter, preconfigured to leverage common best practices and the expertise of Siemens PLM Software. The Rapid Start configuration gets you up and running with PDM quickly and cost-effectively. By choosing preconfigured capabilities, you can minimize the costs of consulting and maintenance, allowing you to immediately realize the benefits of PDM with confidence that you have a growth path to product lifecycle management (PLM) when you need it.


Teamcenter Rapid Start provides computer-aided design (CAD) data management capabilities for multi-CAD, mechanical CAD (MCAD) and electronic CAD (ECAD) that enable you to effectively and efficiently manage, control and share design data across your entire design and supply chain. Supporting the most popular MCAD and ECAD tools, this environment provides a single view of your product data.

•  Multi-CAD data management

•  ECAD data management

•  Document management

•  Simple process management

•  Preconfigured roles and responsibilities

•  Platform and deployment

•  Active Workspace

•  Follow the path to PLM

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