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What is Solid Edge?

Solid Edge It is a 3D software that helps from the design of a product or a piece of equipment to the engineering qualification testing of a finished product. In addition to all-round functionality, SOLID EDGE is easy to learn. You can also easily edit work without reference to Sketch and History Feature with more than 10 years of Synchronous Technology developed.

Solid Edge benefits
- Does not reference Sketch and History Feature
- Simple and intuitive design tools
- Supports all file extensions that are Multi CAD
- Unfolded precise and fast of sheet metal
- First place in assembly efficiency
- Accurate, reliable

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Best price for you

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Solid Edge Thailand.
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Solid Edge 3D CAD Package

Solid Edge CAD.jpg
SOLID EDGE Classic master mover assembly.jpg

Solid Edge Foundation

There are tools that can help you with a variety of designs, such as 3D part design (Parts), Assemblies design, production drawing (2D drawing), sheet metal making, alignment. Welding (Frame Design / Weldment) and workpieces with complex surfaces (Surfacing)

Solid Edge Classic

Improve design efficiency with Rendering, Automatic Design, Standard Part Libraries, and Design for Cost functions. Yes, can work with data obtained from 3D scan machines (Reverse Engineering).

Solid Edge Premium

It comes with features that are available in SOLID EDGE Foundation and Classic, supplemented by simulation work, quality checks. (Validation) to reduce the error rate before production, analysis of motion simulations, and can create plans for automatic pipe routing, Xpress Route and Wiring (Wiring and Pipe Routing).

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